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Discovering Faith in a New Generation


At Naz Kids, we firmly believe that the Holy Spirit knows no age limits! We empower children of all ages to flourish in their faith, encountering and comprehending God's unwavering love, grace, and truth. We engage children at their unique developmental stages, ensuring continuous growth and deeper understanding of a loving God every week. Our Goal is to support parents and guardians in nurturing their children's faith journey, recognizing their pivotal role in fostering their kids' spiritual growth."

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Age Groups

Birth - 3 Years

Our nursery is for children ages birth-3 years. Our nursery caretakers are compassionate, knowledgeable, and lots of fun. Feel free to bring a snack and/or diaper bag for your child(ren’s) needs. We always have extra supplies available as well in case you forget something!

Please let our staff know if your child has any special needs or allergies while you enjoy your time in church. 

The Nursery is available for both the 8:15 and 11:00 services as well as during Sunday school at 9:45.

3 Years - 5th Grade

Sunday School (9:45 AM)

This is where our teachers have a more focused connection with children in smaller, age appropriate groups.  Jesus was the master at using creative objects - like coins, fish and lilies - to connect eternal truths to everyday life.  Kids will experience the same powerful connections between scripture and everyday life by engaging all five of their senses.  The bible comes alive!


Sunday Service (11:00)

We are committed to making sure kids know church is a fun, safe place and God really loves them.  Engaging message videos and music makes service exciting and fun.  More importantly, it will help kids grow in their relationships with God, their family, and their friends.

Kidz Night

Seasonally, we provide an additional time for our kids to connect and have a great time with silly skits, worship time, and fun activities on Sunday evenings.  Check the calendar of events to see if we are currently meeting!

if you need more info

or have specific questions!

  • If my kids are in different age groups but want to stay together, can they?
    They can, BUT we recommend that if the children are of different ages that the older child goes with the younger one and helps them to make friends and feel comfortable to be able to attend class alone. Our goals are that your kids make friends with kids their own age while getting to learn about Jesus in a way that fits their developmental learning stage.
  • How does check-in work?
    When you enter our lobby, you’ll head down the hallway past the cafe to the Family Check-in Lobby! Our team will begin checking your child into our computerized database to help ensure his or her security. Then, if you’d like, one of our team members will walk with you to drop off your child.
  • Whats your security process?
    Our Naz Kidz area is a completely secured part of our church building. Upon checking in your child, you will receive a parent tag that permits you to enter the kids area. This parent tag also permits you as the designated individual to pick up your children later! Our Naz Kidz Church security team only allows approved volunteer personnel into the Kidz area.
  • If my child is nervous, can I stay in their classroom?
    On your first visit, we do allow parent tags that would enable accompanied admission into the Kidz area! Because our Naz Kidz area is a secure area, only our background-checked team members are permitted in the classrooms. We have an experienced team and many leaders who are capable of making sure each child is well cared for. If your child needs your attention, we will get in touch with you.
  • Are your Kidz volunteers and leaders background checked?
    Yes. Regardless of the role they play, every adult who serves in our Kidz area has passed a background check. We prohibit any adult from being alone with a child.
  • What do I need to drop off with my child?
    If your child is still in diapers, we recommend bringing a diaper bag and a bottle/cup. You’re welcome to leave anything your child might need during this time. Elementary kids are encouraged to bring a bible, not NOT required!
  • What if my child has allergies?
    If your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know at check-in. This information is printed on their name tag to ensure your child’s safety during snack time.
  • What if my child is sick?
    Please don’t check in kids if: -They have had a fever above 99° (without medicine) within the last 24 hours -They have had diarrhea within the last 24 hours -They have vomited within the last 24 hours -They have green discharge from nose -They have pink eye -They have a persistent, deep-sounding cough -They have Strep Throat (child should have started antibiotics more than 24 hours before attending) -They have a contagious disease (flu, measles, rubella, mumps, whooping cough, meningitis) -They have lice
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Fill out the form below to find your spot on the Naz Kidz team, We'd love to have you!

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